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Fantastique Equestrian specializes in serving the Eventers of North Texas and offers various services for riders and horses of all levels.  We believe everyone's journey and goals are both different and unique and the first step is to have a clear vision of what you want to achieve.  We believe adversity is the fuel that drives your greatness.  We believe reflection is a healthy part of growing and provides the fuel that instills excellence.  Embrace who you are and who you want to be and let's enjoy this incredible sport together and appreciate the relationships along the way.     

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Monthly training programs are highly significant and when done properly, create an unimaginable connection between horse and human.  Catering to each one of my client's horses' strengths and weaknesses allows responsible and rewarding partnerships to blossom.

training, lessons, equestrian, eventing, fantastique


Preparing for competition, developing green horses, or fine-tuning skills, methodical lessons are essential to developing success and harmony for both rider and horse.  No matter the rider level, nothing trumps practice and consistency.  The roadmap to success is one day at a time.

training, lessons, equestrian, eventing, fantastique


Show Coaching provides you with professional guidance in the highest-pressure environments.  Whether you are just starting or a seasonal rider, course walks, warmups and reassurance will help you accomplish all of your personal goals.  Never let the fear of losing stop you from competing.

training, lessons, equestrian, eventing, fantastique


The process of buying or selling a horse can be overwhelming and leave you feeling hopeless.  Through an extensive network of professional friendships developed over decades, you can be confident we will find the perfect match.  Your desires and our integrity will never be questioned.

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"I have been riding my entire life and I’ve had amazing opportunities to ride with some great trainers, as well as ones that are not so great.    Having a supportive and encouraging trainer who pushes you to your best can be the difference between loving the sport and leaving the sport.  I started riding with Lauren this past year and it did not take long for us to develop an amazing relationship both on and off horses. Last year during a two-week stint in Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia, the stars aligned for my newly acquired horse and I and that is largely in part due to Lauren’s coaching, support, and encouragement.  I would not be where I am today without her, and I know our journey together has only just begun. Lauren has been a crucial catalyst for my love of the sport, and I will always be thankful." --- Henley F.

"After 10 years off from Eventing, Lauren has instilled confidence in me to get back out there.  She found a super young horse that is beyond talented for me to take up the levels.  Lauren's knowledge in all three phases and her ability to break down the steps needed for a solid base have given me the tools to not just compete but to do so successfully." --- Christina L.

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